17th January 2019


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Every blog needs a “This is my first post” post, so here’s mine.

There are times in my working life when I bump into something that I feel poses a particularly interesting challenge or is worthy of discussion and elaboration. It’s my hope that this blog can serve as a vessel for these thoughts – if they happen to also provide interesting copy for others then all the better.¬†

One of the challenges I constantly bump into is judging how prescriptive to be, it’s often¬† easy to set standards that are prohibitively strict and impede progress, it’s even easier to do nothing at all and let those around you make some questionable decisions that are often hard to undo. My solution is to set principles and given my own personal anxiety around how this blog should look, I think I’ll guide it in much the same way.

  • BLOG-01: Writing for this blog must be fun and provide interesting content.
  • BLOG-02: There shall be no schedule to which content is created.
  • BLOG-03: The reading team for each entry shall be no more than 5 minutes
  • BLOG-04: Acronyms shall only be used if explained.
  • BLOG-05: These principals shall be reviewed prior to every new post