About this blog

Why binaryrage?

I bought the domain name back in 2001 thinking it sounded cool. As these things often go I became locked to it for my email. So, while I’ve grown less fond of it as time has passed we’re stuck with each other, for now at least.

About me.

As of 2018, I’m a 36 year old Solutions Architect working mostly with large enterprise, I provide my services on a consulting basis through my own company and help to design and deliver technology solutions. My background is engineering focused, with the bulk of that experience in infrastructure.

Work aside, I’m a keen snowboarder, motorbiker and retired eSports gamer.

Why blog?

Do you mean, why attempt to blog again? Well, I don’t know. This may not last and by the time you read this the last article may be many years old – but I’ve long since admired those of you who do blog and I’m keen to increase my profile and extend my influence a bit. Becoming more actively involved in the tech community has long since been an ambition. This seems as good of a place to start as any.